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frequently asked questions

What is shamanism and how does it relate to Curro Intuitive Consulting?

Shamanism is an ancient practice that predates organized religion and involves connecting with spirit for healing and guidance. At Curro Intuitive Consulting, we incorporate shamanic healing practices into our services to help clients achieve personal growth and healing.

What is Curro Intuitive Consulting?    

Curro Intuitive Consulting is a consulting service that offers intuitive readings, energy healing, spiritual counseling, and shamanic healing practices to help individuals achieve personal growth and healing. 

Is Curro Intuitive Consulting affiliated with any particular religion or belief system?

While Ang was raised in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) by her Norwegian mother and personally believes in God, our services are open to individuals of all belief systems. We aim to help clients tap into their intuition and connect with spirit in a way that is meaningful and authentic to them.

Can Curro Intuitive Consulting help me with my spiritual development?

Yes, our services are designed to help individuals develop their spiritual connections and achieve personal growth and healing through intuitive readings, energy healing, spiritual counseling, and shamanic practices.

What makes Curro Intuitive Consulting unique? 

Our services are grounded in shamanic practices, which are ancient techniques for connecting with spirit and achieving personal growth and healing. We aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to tap into their intuition and develop their spiritual connections.

Can Curro Intuitive Consulting help me with my mental health concerns

While we are not licensed mental health professionals, our services can be used in conjunction with traditional therapy (especially EMDR and/or other trauma informed modalities) and can be beneficial for individuals dealing with mental health concerns. Our focus is on helping individuals connect with their intuition and develop their spiritual connections for personal growth and healing.

Who did Ang study shamanism under?

Amy Wilinski at Golden Light Healing

Jose Luis Herrera, Master Shaman, Rainbow Jaguar Institute, native of Cusco Peru

What if I just want a psychic reading but don't want healing advice or to find my gifts?

If you're looking simply for answers and guidance, look no further. Ang is here to help you receive the guidance you need to live your best life. Whether you prefer a tarot reading, mediumship, past life journey or energy healing, we have the tools and experience to help you find the answers you seek. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and start your journey towards greater clarity and fulfillment.

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