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about ang

Intuition Meets Strategy

For over 22 years, I thrived in corporate finance leadership roles. However, the pandemic made me re-evaluate my priorities, and I made the tough decision to leave that world behind and focus on raising my son Radley (Rad). During this time, I found myself drawn to reading tarot as a way to connect with people and provide meaningful guidance. Through this practice, I discovered that I had long-dormant psychic abilities tracing back generations in my Sicilian lineage that I was finally able to understand and develop. I invested time studying the shamanic medicine wheel and learning from wise and compassionate teachers. Now, I help others explore their own intuition and find wisdom in divination and shamanic journeying. Intuitive Consulting offers a unique blend of psychic insight and practical business experience. As a former corporate finance leader turned tarot reader and spiritual guide, I bring a diverse set of skills to the table. My personal journey to understand and develop my psychic abilities has given me a deep respect for the transformative power of spiritual work. I use intuitive guidance, tarot readings, and shamanic practices to help my clients unlock their inner wisdom and find their life's purpose. Whether you're seeking clarity on a business decision or guidance on your personal journey, I am here to help.

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