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Renew & Align

Ready for a game-changer? Let me introduce you to my Spring & Summer 2024 Renew & Align program. As the seasons change, so can you. This program is all about real talk and real change, with sessions planned around the spring and summer vibes to help you grow, heal, and get your life aligned. It's about getting down to business with nature's own schedule in mind. Every month, we've got something special lined up that matches what's happening up in the sky, making sure you're riding the wave, not fighting the current. Let's get started and make this season your time to shine. Join us and see how syncing up with the universe can make a world of difference.

Package Components:

Shamanic Healing

Diving into the heart of our six-month journey, each participant will be enveloped in a tapestry of healing and discovery through a series of Deep Healing Sessions. Normally valued at $222 each, these sessions are cornerstones of our Renew & Align package, included within the comprehensive fee of $2,999. These can be done via Zoom or in person in Lux Spa in the Green Bay Wisconsin area.

Every month, you’ll get a deep healing session with Ang. These aren’t just regular meetings; they’re deep dives into what’s been holding you back. We’ll work through your past stuff and clear out the bad vibes, making each session a big step toward feeling better and lighter.

Here’s what you can anticipate within the sessions:

  • Energetic Reset: Refresh your spiritual vitality as if rebooting a computer, clearing out the ‘old files’ of past traumas to enhance your life’s flow.

  • Spiritual Support Squad: Discover your power animal with Ang’s guidance, a spiritual mascot to fortify your journey with its unique strength and wisdom.

  • Emotional Detox: Partake in a soulful cleanse, lifting emotional weights and purifying your chakras for a balanced and vibrant essence.

  • Lineage Liberation: Sever the invisible, burdensome ties of ancestral patterns or forgotten pasts, granting you the freedom to author your own narrative.

  • Spiritual Wholeness: Engage in soul retrieval, a quest with Ang to reclaim lost fragments of your being, to emerge feeling whole and true to yourself.

These sessions are crafted to be accessible, no matter where you stand on your spiritual path. They’re a transformative expedition meant to renew your sense of self and the world around you. After each session, expect to step back into life with a rejuvenated spirit, a cleansed heart, and eyes wide open to the beauty of existence.

Eighteen hours of 1:1 time with Ang

Beyond the deep dives of our monthly healing sessions lies the sustained support essential for true transformation—the 18 hours of one-on-one time with Ang (or 3 hours a month.) Consider this the woven thread that keeps the tapestry of your journey intact, the connective tissue between profound leaps of growth.

Why is this one-on-one time so pivotal? Shamanic healing unlocks new levels of spiritual insight and healing, but it's the integration of these insights into daily life where the alchemy truly happens. Our biweekly 30-minute sessions are your checkpoints; opportunities to revisit the terrain traversed and to ensure the path ahead is clear. Like spiritual therapy, these encounters with Ang provide continuous alignment, preventing the re-emergence of old patterns and habits.

During these sessions, expect an array of modalities:

  • Divination and Tracking: Piercing through the veil, we gain clarity on your journey, illuminating the next steps and understanding the progress made.

  • Field Cleanse: Regular energetic hygiene to clear your aura, much like brushing away the dust that life sometimes leaves on us.

  • Cord Cuttinga: Freeing you from old attachments that may hinder your progress, ensuring your energy is your own.

Think of Ang as the guide on your healing expedition—there to keep you oriented, motivated, and moving towards the most healed version of yourself. It's about maintaining that peak state reached in your deep healing sessions, extending its influence with each day. The one-on-one sessions aren’t just appointments; they are sacred spaces for growth, reflection, and continual rebirth on your transformative path. Normally valued at $88.88 each, you get 36 of these 30 minute sessions are included within the comprehensive fee of $2,999.

Monday Night Zoom Class

The final gem in our Renew & Align crown is the Monday night group classes—virtual gatherings that have become a lighthouse for our community over the past years. Each Monday, for one enriching hour, we meet on Zoom to collectively engage in our spiritual work, sharing a sacred space that transcends physical boundaries.

This is where the solitary path of individual growth blooms into the garden of collective wisdom. Our clients cherish the chance to converse openly about spirituality, beliefs, and divination within a sanctuary where no one is an outsider, where no topic is too mystical, and where every voice is heard and validated.

The beauty of these sessions is the serendipitous support they provide. On nights when you find yourself grappling with a particularly stubborn challenge, it often happens that another soul in the group is navigating the same stormy seas. The shared understanding and empathy that flow from these moments are potent—they are a reminder that while our journeys are our own, we never truly walk alone.

And let’s not forget the blossoms of connection that sprout here—friendships that root deeply and connections that stretch into lifetimes. These classes are not just a learning experience; they are a community, a family you choose, and a fellowship of fellow travelers on the path to spiritual wholeness. Join us, and let’s continue to weave this ever-expanding tapestry of connection and enlightenment together.

Still Interested in Learing More?

Curious if Renew & Align is your next chapter? Let’s figure it out together. I’m opening up spots for a quick, no-strings-attached chat on Zoom. It’s a chance for us to vibe check each other—because the energy’s got to be just right. In five minutes, we’ll touch base on what you’re seeking and if my style resonates with you. It’s a bit like a spiritual speed date!

This program is close to my heart, so I’m looking for clients who are as jazzed about diving deep as I am about guiding them. Think of it as applying to join a journey of transformation with a circle of like-minded souls. Ready to see if we click? Book your free consult, and let’s find out if we’re a match made in the cosmos.

One more thing...

In the forthcoming six months, as we journey through the Renew & Align program, we will be navigating a rich tapestry of astrological transits, each offering unique energies for personal and collective evolution. Here’s a glance at the celestial milestones we’ll explore together:

  • Aries Season brings the initiation of our journey, setting the stage for bold beginnings and self-discovery.

  • Taurus Season (April 20 - May 20): We’ll experience the powerful conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, promising breakthroughs in how we value freedom and innovation. The Scorpio Full Moon invites deep emotional release, while the New Moon in Taurus focuses on planting seeds for stability. Jupiter’s Cazimi magnifies growth, and Mars’ dance with the North Node fires up our courage.

  • Gemini Season (May 21 - June 21): Venus and Jupiter’s conjunction in Taurus blesses us with luxurious growth, and the Sagittarius Full Moon encourages expansive thinking. Jupiter’s entrance into Gemini brings a year of intellectual expansion, while the Gemini New Moon emphasizes new beginnings in communication. Mars’ aspects challenge us to heal wounds and transform power dynamics.

  • Cancer Season (June 22 - July 22): This period is characterized by nurturing new beginnings under the Cancer New Moon, followed by revolutionary changes as Mars conjuncts Uranus. The Capricorn Full Moon illuminates our achievements and responsibilities.

  • Leo Season (July 23 - August 22): We’ll navigate Mercury Retrograde’s introspective passage, the Leo New Moon’s call for self-expression, and dynamic squares involving Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, challenging us to grow through tension and ambition.

  • Virgo Season (August 23 - September 22): Pluto’s re-entry into Capricorn demands structural transformation, while the Virgo New Moon invites practical planning. Venus’ aspects to the South Node and Jupiter highlight relationships and values, culminating in a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, urging us to transcend the mundane and embrace spiritual growth.

Throughout this journey, I will guide you through these transits, ensuring you harness their energies to foster personal growth, healing, and transformation. Each moment is an opportunity to align more deeply with your true self and the universe’s infinite wisdom.

Join Now

For those of you feeling the call to embark on this transformative journey with the Renew & Align program, your path begins here. Embrace this opportunity to align your spirit with the celestial tides and discover a more profound sense of self, purpose, and connection. If your heart resonates with our shared vision of growth, healing, and community, click the link below to secure your place in this unique experience. Your journey to alignment awaits.

Let’s navigate these celestial currents together, transforming the cosmos’s wisdom into personal evolution and enlightenment. Your time to shine is now.


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